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Our firm supports the diverse needs of local and international clients with extensive, wide-reaching services.

In particular, we offer comprehensive advice and services for the foreign investor.  The firm supports clients throughout all stages of the investment process, from building a business structure to maximizing investment incentives, forging key partnerships and managing operational challenges. Combining international business acumen and local legal knowledge, our approach ensures optimum results.

We practice in the following key areas:


Corporate & Commercial Law


Corporate incorporation;

Business registration and declarations;

Qualified investment project registration;

Regulatory compliance;

Corporate legal secretary;

Corporate structure (legal & tax);

hareholders’ agreements and joint venture agreements;

Corporate due diligence;

Mergers and acquisitions;

Corporate restructuring.



All types of business licensing;

Distributorship agreement (exclusive and non-exclusive);

Trade of goods and services;



Management and professional services;

Legal compliance of industrial standards;

Quality certification of products and services;

Transport (inland, maritime and air);

Acquisition and transfer of goodwill;


Product liability and consumer protection.


Banking, Finance & Insurance

 Banking and Finance

Licensing (banks, microfinance institutions and securities firms);

Regulatory compliance;

Loan facilities and security documents (commercial and private);

Securities business;

Structured finance;

Financial lease;

Secured transactions;

Trade finance;

Project finance/Public Private Partnerships;

Debt collection;

Debt restructuring;





Licensing (insurance, brokers and agents);

Insurance regulatory compliance;

Insurance and reinsurance agreements;



Agreement with external service providers.


Real Estate & Construction

 Real Estate

Real estate due diligence and search;

Real estate holding structure (legal and tax);

Protection of foreign investor;

Land registration, titling and conveyance;

Property acquisition (including negotiations, financing and security packages) and lease (including long-term leases and commercial leases).


Property & Infrastructure Development & Agro-Industry

Licensing (real estate agent, property valuator, property developer);


Property service management;

Professional service agreement (including architecture, engineering);

Special Economic Zone;

Economic land concession and privatization;

Public infrastructure development;

Land expropriation process.



 Construction permits and regulatory compliance;

Construction contracts and sub-contracts;

Environmental impact assessment.


Labour & Employment

 Labour registration (including registration with the National Security Fund) and compliance;

Labour due diligence (restructuring, take-over);

Labour outsourcing;

Employment contracts;

Internal rules;

Confidentiality charter;

Code of ethics;

Collective bargaining;

Foreign employee (work permits and immigration);

Negotiations with employees’ representatives (shop steward and trade union);

Labour dispute resolution (individual and collective);

Labor law related trainings.


Dispute Resolution

Mediation, arbitration and out-of-court settlement;

Civil, commercial and criminal litigation.


Intellectual Property Rights & New Technologies & Information

Intellectual Property Rights

Search and registration of patents, trademarks, copyright, geographical indication, and other intellectual property rights;

Licensing, sub-licensing and franchising agreement;

Intellectual property rights enforcement;

Anti counterfeiting and infringement settlements and litigation.


New Technologies & Information

Licensing (internet service provider, telecommunication, media);




Content legal compliance.


Tax & Customs

Corporate (including NGOs) tax filing, declarations and compliance

Tax planning and strategy;

Tax incentive (Qualified Investment Project);

Merger and acquisition tax strategy;

Real estate tax strategy;

Tax due diligence;

Tax audit, tax dispute settlement and tax clearance;

Seeking interpretation on tax regulations and practice with the Cambodian administration;

Foreign employee tax compliance;

Local administration tax regime;

Import & export procedures and requirements.


Administrative Law & Legal Reform

Public procurement;

Project financed infrastructure/Public Private Partnerships;

Foreign investment protection;

State enterprise;

Legal feasibility study;

Technical assistance in legal reform.


Private Client Services, Legalization & Translation

Family law (marriage, divorce, adoption);

Estate law (wills and asset management);

Immigration and nationality;

Legal translation and certification.



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