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Cambodian Embassies:

Foreign Embassies in Cambodia 

Royal Embassy of Cambodia Abroad



Agency Kampuchea Press News 

Asia Observer 

Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace 

Cambodia Post 

Every Day (Cambodia) 

Phnom Penh Post 

The Cambodia Daily 

World Investment News (Cambodia) 

Yahoo News (Cambodia)


Cambodian Institutions:

The council of Ministers 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Ministry of Commerce 

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport 

Ministry of Environmenth 

Ministry of Post and Telecommunication 

Ministry of Tourism National Institute of Statistics 

Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce 

Phnom Penh Municipality 

Port Authority of Sihanoukville 

Royal Government Website 

Apsara Authority 

Cambodian Mine Action Center

Cambodia Development Research Institute 

Council for Development of Cambodia 

Cambodian American Resource Agency 

Cambodian Association of Victoria Inc. 

Cambodia Yellow Pages 

Dance the Spirit of Cambodia 

Friends Without A Border 


Reyum Institute of Arts 

The Global Child 

The Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia 

World Cambodian Congress 

Cambodian Information Center[F1]  

Cambodia Travel Guides 

Cambodia Action 

The Khmer School of Language 

Maps Of Cambodia 

Cambodia info



 Media in Cambodia: 



Bayon Radio and TV 





Cambodia Radio 

Cambodia Cultural Profiles 


Radio Free Asia 

Radio Beehive FM 105 MHz 


Cambodian History:


Cambodia - A Country Study 

Cambodian Statesmen and flags 

Cambodian Community out of crisis



Beauty and Darkness :


Cambodian Modern History 

Heritage Watch 

Pol Pot's Biography 

The World Factbook - Cambodia










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