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Offshore Licenses
Specializing in international corporate law is established as the Cambodian market leader in this field. Due to our vast experience, we are able to offer clients assistance with all aspects of offshore company formation, nominee service through foreign lawyers living in Cambodia, virtual and real office locations and bank accounts with the worlds leading financial institutions including on line banking, credit cards and cheek books. Best of all, the volume of in corporations we handle allow us very competitive pricing. For example a complete company registration is available from as low as 700. Euro.
Going offshore in Cambodia?
Cambodia is called the 'Switzerland' of Southeasts because of its financial freedom. Going offshore in Cambodia nowadays is one of the most popular ways of starting or managing your business. Cambodia's offshore companies do not only offer tax exemption. Most important in Cambodia is the freedom of operations, confidentiality and ease of running your business. There is no paperwork, no hassle with filings and authorities. We do for you, here in Cambodia, not from an office desk in London or Berlin!!!!
Cambodian offshore company
with nominee service, virtual office and bank account
Your advantages:
-Full anonymity
-Services by lawyers living in Cambodia
-Full privacy protection
-Limited liability
-No taxation
-No accounting
-No reporting
-No auditing
-Business can be internationally operating
Incorporate your new company in Cambodia today! Go offshore now, no visit required. Quick, affordable and so easy!














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